We have established two clearinghouse filter pages. One allows you to search Degree and Certificate programs in the West, and the other focuses on Experiential Learning and Career Exposure programs.

Degree and Certificate Programs

Whether you are just graduating from high school and considering your next steps, or you are seeking to add academic credentials for career transition or advancement, colleges and universities in the West Region offer a wide variety of transportation focused programs at all levels. To find the program that is right for you, use our Degree and Certification Programs search tool to locate institutions that offer programs that match your interests. This tool allows you to locate transportation programs offered at community colleges and universities throughout the West, including apprenticeship, endorsement, and certificate programs, as well as degree programs from Associates to the PhD.

Experiential Learning and Career Exposure Programs

Are you still in school and wondering how to choose between the many career opportunities that exist?  Or perhaps you would like to get some concrete work experience before graduating, or need to add specific training credentials to advance in your current line of work. There are many scholarships, professional development courses, internships or other on-the-job training programs, as well as summer camps or other career awareness events and programs that allow you to experience transportation careers and build industry relevant skills. The Experiential Learning and Career Exposure Programs search tool allows you to identify opportunities in the region all along the career pathway, from secondary school to professional development.