ODOT Graduate Engineering Program Improves Recruiting and Retention of Employees

ODOT Engineer in the Classroom, Photo Courtesy of ODOT

When Oregon Department of Transportation realized they were at risk of being unable to fulfill their core mission due to employee retirements, turnover, and a shortage of technical talent they commissioned two studies in order to identify areas at risk within the Highway Division.

These studies discovered the following issues:                                            

In response to these findings, the Highway Leadership Team within the Highway Division discussed strategic investments in order to develop a talent pool and produce future leaders. The Highway Leadership Team adopted a comprehensive recruitment and retention strategy that centers around three efforts:

The Graduate Engineer Program (GEP) grows the connection to ODOT by recruiting, developing, and growing entry level career professionals. The goal of this program is to mitigate risk from the potential loss of core technical competency within the Highway Division. The GEP is designed for recent engineering graduates to transition into a full-time engineer.

ODOT Engineer Learning to Calculate Curve Speeds, Photo Courtesy of ODOT.

For up to 24 months, GEP participants rotate through various engineering disciplines within the Highway Division including: construction, design, and maintenance. This allows the graduate engineer to be introduced to a number of experiences within ODOT in order to find out a “best fit” before settling into a more permanent position. GEP participants are considered full-time employees, and receive a salary with benefits as well as mentorship from a registered Professional Engineer. Highway Division technical managers act as a Sponsoring Manager for the graduate engineers and mentor to oversee the development of the graduate engineers throughout their rotations.

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