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Strategic Parking Management Basics for Small Communities
Date: February 21, 2018
Time: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET

Few policy issues in local government are more challenging than parking: retailers have a unique perspective, commuters need to get to work, elected leaders may want to build new off-street supply, and nobody likes parking enforcement. 

Cities and towns can benefit from a strategic approach to parking management that balances these various local perspectives and avoids expensive or unpopular “solutions.” In small Western communities, successful local parking policy must also take into account seasonal fluctuations in visitor presence and economic activity, absence of big city transit services, snow removal requirements, and the likelihood that an important downtown street is also a state highway.  

This is the first of three sessions that will lay out a basic foundation for modern, parking practice in smaller communities – including strategic management of supply, demand, funding, and enforcement – all in a framework that relies on accurate data and ongoing public engagement.

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