Save the Date for the Center for Health and Safety Culture Symposium

The Center for Health and Safety Culture (CHSC) is committed to working with communities to transform culture so that healthy and safe behaviors are sustainable. To be effective using culture as a basis for promoting health and safety across multiple domains, health and safety practitioners and advocates need to be aware of current research and best practices in transforming culture. Recognizing this need, the Center for Health and Safety Culture is initiating an annual symposium intended to support the evolution of science and practice in creating a positive culture to sustain safe and healthy choices.

Rather than choosing a traditional conference format where speakers and experts share information with attendees, the 2018 CHSC symposium is designed in a way that allows attendees to have the opportunity to engage in group discussion, listen to presentations in multiple formats, and create knowledge together. Although there are many unique definitions of a symposium, they all include gaining knowledge through interaction, conversation, and partnerships.

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