Upcoming Webinar: Social Transportation Analytic Toolbox (STAT) for Transit Networks

Social Transportation Analytic Toolbox (STAT) for Transit Networks
Date: September 4, 2019
Time: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm ET

This webinar will present an open-source socio-transportation analytic toolbox (STAT) for public transit system planning. This webinar will consist of a demonstration of the STAT toolbox, for the primary purpose of getting feedback from transit agencies on the tool’s usefulness. We are especially interested in hearing about any improvements that would aid transit agencies in implementing it.

The STAT toolbox was created in an effort to integrate social media and general transit feed specification (GTFS) data for transit agencies, to aid in evaluating and enhancing the performance of public transit systems. The toolbox enables the integration, analysis, and visualization of two major new open transportation data sources-social media and GTFS data-to support transit decision making. In this webinar, we will introduce how we leveraged machine learning and natural language processing techniques to retrieve Twitter data related to public transit systems and to extract sentence structures to geomap those tweets to their corresponding transit lines/stations. Combined with transit accessibility measures computed using GTFS, STAT is able to identify the mismatch between the services that the agency is providing and what the transit users are experiencing. The project uses Salt Lake City and Portland as case studies to demonstrate the usability of the toolbox and how it can support querying, navigating, and exploring the interactions between transit users and services.

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Link: https://trec.pdx.edu/events/professional-development/webinar-social-transportation-analytic-toolbox-stat-transit-networks