Achieving Safety Results by Addressing Behavioral Issues

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Cost: Free
Training Length: 1.5 hours


Webinar Description

Rural transportation agencies are increasingly addressing safety in their planning areas and at a minimum, have usually adopted the State’s zero deaths concept to frame their transportation safety activities. To achieve this vision, planners identify infrastructure solutions, but behavioral concerns, such as distraction, impairment, and unbelted drivers/occupants are also major issues in rural regions. This session will provide participants with information and resources on the role they can play to drive down fatalities and serious injuries through collaboration across the 4Es, behavioral funding sources, and education campaigns.


Webinar Outcomes

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants were able to:


Target Audience

This training was directed toward regional transportation planners and highway safety office staff, but law enforcement, engineers, and educators would also benefit from the presentation. Participants had some basic familiarity with transportation safety.