Phase 1 Job Needs and Priorities Report

The West Region Transportation Workforce Center’s Phase 1 Job Needs and Priorities Report and Executive Summary provides:

1) A broad overview of the transportation industry and workforce in the West Region,

2) An analysis of labor market data on transportation industries and occupations in the region, and

3) A synthesis of stakeholder feedback on priority occupations of concern for the region as a whole.

The research team identified 10 priority occupations based on regional industry drivers, labor market data, and stakeholder input. The priority occupations highlight common needs region-wide that warrant focused attention from the Center. The Phase 2 report will showcase the programs or partnerships needed to address regional workforce priorities. 

Phase 2 Job Needs and Priorities Report

The West Region Transportation Workforce Center Phase 2 Job Needs and Priorities Report identifies four strategic action plans to address workforce priorities based on the specific regional characteristics and labor market shortfalls identified in the Phase 1 report. The plans were established in consultation with the Center’s Stakeholder Engagement Group as well as through additional resource gathering, stakeholder outreach, and analysis of funding availability. The plans are in keeping with the Center’s established national focus areas (i.e. rural, safety, mobility, and livability). Based on these parameters, the report details proposed action plans for the Center moving forward.