Transfer the Knowledge Before it Walks out the Door!

Sponsored by: The West Region Transportation Workforce Center and hosted by the Transportation Learning Network (TLN) 

Description: As workforce members continue to depart organizations, with them goes a significant amount of critical knowledge that is essential to conducting the public’s business within their former organization. As organizations prepare for the potential departure of valuable staff, a major concern is how to preserve the knowledge that these seasoned employees have amassed. Various types of knowledge retention strategies can be utilized so that critical knowledge does not “walk out the door.” This webinar illustrates an overall strategy and associated tactics to enable an agency to systematically capture and transfer knowledge. 

Presenter:  Patrick Ibarra, The Mejorando Group 

Patrick Ibarra Patrick Ibarra, a former city manager and HR director, owns and operates an organizational effectiveness consulting practice, The Mejorando Group (, and is one of the country’s leading experts on optimizing the performance of public sector organizations. “Mejorando” is Spanish for “getting better all the time,” and Ibarra’s firm brings fresh thinking, innovation and new ideas to help governmental organizations succeed in the 21st century. 

Webinar Materials: 

Flyer: pdf 

Presentation slides: pdf