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The West Region Surface Transportation Workforce Center (WRTWC) was established by the Federal Highway Administration to bring together transportation organizations, workforce advocates, and educational institutions to develop partnerships that apply knowledge, experience, and resources to strategically build a strong transportation workforce for the future. The WRTWC, housed at the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University  serves a ten-state Western region: Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii.

MISSION: to serve as a resource to support, grow, and maintain a skilled and career-ready transportation workforce in the West.

The WRTWC serves as a resource to support, grow and maintain a skilled and career-ready transportation workforce in the West. The Center is network focused and will engage existing regionally based programs, to catalyze new strategic partnerships and to communicate programs and best practices to educators, employers and those on the transportation career pathway.

Strategic Outcomes

Center activities will facilitate communication across states and across agencies to leverage scarce resources, to share and build on promising programs, and to create new communities of practice to enhance the transportation workforce at all levels.

VISION: An actively engaged regional network hub and “One Stop Shop” for transportation workforce development opportunities, partnerships, and resources

With the active participation of key stakeholders, the WRTWC is focused on providing:

  • Better Data: on transportation job needs and priorities within the region as well as information on existing transportation training and education programs and opportunities in the region for all levels from middle school through professional development;
  • Better Alignment: of education and training to workforce skills gaps;
  • Collaboration and Partnership-Building Opportunities: between industry, education, economic development and workforce communities.

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The WRTWC is actively soliciting the engagement of stakeholders at the regional, state, and local levels to participate as strategic partners in this important effort.

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