Classroom Curricular Modules/Activities


Transportation Careers: A Resource for Teachers

This website is designed to help teachers find Transportation, Distribution and Logistics resources which can be used in the classroom. The site provides over 500 lesson plans as well as an “Introduction to Transportation Careers” course designed for 9th and 10th graders.

NanoSonic: Free STEM Lesson Plans on Advanced Transportation Systems

Advanced transportation technologies involve integration of the four STEM disciplines – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – and apply them to real-world issues. The site provides a variety of lessons focused on topics related to safety, intelligent transportation systems, sustainability, and connected and autonomous vehicles.  Two sets of lesson plans are provided, one targeting middle school students, and a second for high school students.

Texas A&M Transportation Institute (Safe-D UTC)

The site provides a curricular unit for grades 4 to 6 on the science of retroreflectivity, and important concept related to transportation safety.  The curriculum includes a teacher guide, demonstration videos, presentation slides, student lab worksheets, and other teacher resources.

Georgia Tech School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Georgia Tech offers a free online curriculum to introduce 5th graders to transportation engineering with a focus on accessibility, social responsibility, and diversity.  The module is called “Wheelchairs and ‘Supershoes’.”

Mid-America Transportation Center: Teacher Resource Center

The Mid-America Transportation Center hosts a searchable database of teacher resources and lesson plans on transportation topics. 


American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE); eGFI

The site offers teachers a variety of resources to integrate engineering projects into their classrooms, including lesson plans, class activities, outreach programs, and web resources.  Lesson plans are searchable by grade level.

Teach Engineering: STEM curriculum for K-12

This site provides a wide range of lesson plans, curricular units, maker challenges, and activities designed for learning in informal settings to introduce engineering concepts and the engineering design process to students at all levels, from kindergarten to twelfth grade.


A rich assortment of teaching materials on engineering, including challenges, hands-on activities, games, lesson plans and videos. Lesson plans are targeted to various grade levels and cover a variety of engineering disciplines.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

ASCE supports student civil engineering clubs and offers a number of educational modules to get club members exploring various areas with civil engineering, including structures, water resources, and transportation.  The target audience is high school. 

PBS Building BIG

The site includes an educator’s guide with links to resources about structures that can compliment basic physical science lessons and accompany the “Building Big” television series. Activities are targeted for grades 6-8.

Try Engineering (IEEE)

The site offers a variety of lesson plans and activities related to lasers, LEDs and resistors, circuits, drones, optics, data science, cybersecurity, smart infrastructure, flight, and more, targeted to different age groups.

Engineering Degree Guides

This site offers unbiased and professionally reviewed content and recommendations for engineering degree programs. The Engineering Degree Guides team provides answers and assistance needed to help improve the quality of information to those looking for guidance on these degree options. Their content is reviewed by top tier professors in the education and journalism spaces.


Society of Women Engineers – STEM Pathways

This site provided by the Society of Women Engineers provides a digital library where you can explore STEM careers from chemical engineering to architectural engineering. 

Computer Science

Try Computing (IEEE)

The site offers lesson plans and resources to support and encourage students in computing and to build computing skills.  Lesson plan topics include virtual reality, encryption, internet of things, vector graphics, discrete structures, and algorithmic complexity, among others.

CS Unplugged

“Computer Science without a computer.”  The website offers lesson plans, curriculum integration activities, programming exercises, and teaching videos that teach computer science skills without needing a computer.

Transportation Career Exploration Resources

Go! Exploring the World of Transportation

An e-magazine on research and careers in the world of transportation designed for teenagers.  The magazine is free on-line and offered in both English and Spanish.

Fast Forward

Fast Forward is an online resource offering interesting articles and personal glimpses into a variety of transportation careers.

Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)

The ITE website offers presentations and templates to facilitate introducing students to various fields of transportation engineering and planning

Student Competitions

Future City Competition

Future City is an annual national competition in which groups of students develop a virtual city design for a futuristic city using SimCity software, describe the unique attributes of their future city in an essay, build a scale model of a section of their city using recycled materials and at least one moving part, and provide a presentation and project plan. The competition uses the engineering design process.