ADA Guide for Rural Demand-Response Transportation Service Providers

Easter Seals Project Action. ADA Guide for Rural Demand-Response Transportation Service Providers. October, 2014.  


Many small urban and rural communities provide demand-response as opposed to fixed-route transit service. Rural demand-response transportation agencies are required to provide accessible services to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This guide, compiled by Easter Seals Project Action, provides background information on federal ADA regulations, vehicle requirements, service policies, to assist rural demand-response service providers to better understand their responsibilities under ADA. It also provides information on disabilities etiquette and additional resources for providing high-quality accessible transportation services.  The guide cites relevant federal regulations, including requirements for providing equivalent level of service for people with and without disabilities; vehicle acquisition and equipment requirements, including for accommodating mobility aids and securement locations; requirements for service policies and administrative processes that support accessibility, including staff training on disability etiquette, customer service, and safety; and regulations ensuring effective communication with people with disabilities by providing communication aids and services on request. Ride scheduling information must be available in accessible formats, and the guide suggests that service providers provide their employees with a comprehensive training program to ensure all aspects of service delivery are properly delivered. The guide concludes with a list of additional resources and links.