2010: A Europe Accessible for All

European Commission. 2010: A Europe Accessible for All, Report from the Group of Experts set up by the European Commission. European Commission. (2003).

Link: http://www.etcaats.eu/resources/2010-a-europe-accessible-for-all-3.pdf?i=etcaats

An accessible environment is a key for a society based on equal rights, and means that all people can seek employment, receive education and training, and pursue an active social and economic life. In 2003, the European Union declared the year as the “European Year of People with Disabilities”. A group of experts was set up by the European Commission to address issues of accessibility and put forward proposals. This expert group endorsed four principles: (1) accessibility is a concern for everyone, (2) accessibility should be dealt with in a global and integrated way, (3) accessibility policies should be designed and implemented with the participation of the people and the groups which represent them, and (4) accessibility is a key to sustainable development.