Bus Rapid Transit Accessibility Guidelines

Rickert, Tom. “Bus Rapid Transit Accessibility Guidelines.” World Bank, Washington, USA (2007).

Link: http://siteresources.worldbank.org/DISABILITY/Resources/280658-1172672474385/BusRapidEngRickert.pdf

This guidebook published by the World Bank provides accessibility guidelines for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems. These guidelines work to clarify issues of access following the travel path of a passenger using a Bus Rapid Transit system, from sidewalks to bus station to bus. Guidelines are focused on both feeder lines and trunk lines. Most accessibility features described are low cost universal design options that not only assist passengers with disabilities but all passengers. Guidelines cover the following topics: public participation; access to fixed facilities including public space, fare collection, stations, and platform-to-bus gaps; bus access including bus specification, signage and announcements, entrances, interior design,  and wheelchair access; and public information and training. In addition, a list of references are provided for further information on topics covered in the guidelines as well as a checklist to assist task managers to apply these guidelines.