Capturing Benefits of Complete Streets

Citation: Perk, Victoria, Martin Catalá, Maximilian Mantius, and Katrina Corcoran. Capturing the Benefits of Complete Streets. (2015).


Report Abstract:
Anecdotal information indicates that private investment and property value increases are associated with featured Complete Streets projects, however, little research has been done to confirm these benefits. Much of the relevant literature focuses on improvements to the safety of all who use Complete Streets: pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and auto users. This project works to fill the gap in the literature regarding the economic impacts of Complete Streets projects and how these impacts differ from more traditional roadway capacity investment projects that do not contain Complete Streets elements. This project included a review of background information related to Complete Streets and examining how such projects may be evaluated. A diverse set of case studies were used to determine the impacts of Complete Streets projects. Findings concluded that Complete Streets performed well and demonstrated continuous enhanced economic activity, often outperforming other nearby areas and their cities as a whole.