Developing Best-Practice Guidelines for Improving Bus Operator Health and Retention

Gillespie, Robin Mary, Xinge Wang, and Tia Brown. Developing Best-Practice Guidelines for Improving Bus Operator Health and Retention. Part I: A Transit Workplace Health Protection and Promotion Practitioner’s Guide, Part II: Final Research Report. Transit Cooperative Research Program Report 169. Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC. (2014).


Report Abstract:
Transit operators work in challenging environments that can lead to negative health outcomes for operators. This guidebook addresses some of the health and safety issues common throughout the transit industry, and describes approaches that transit organizations in the United States and Canada have taken to address health problems faced by transit employees. Part One of this report is a practitioners’ guide that is designed for anyone interested in creating health protection and promotion in the workplace. Part Two is a final report which includes the background, research approach, literature review, case examples, and detailed case studies.