Labor-Management Partnerships for Public Transportation Volume 1: Toolkit

Baker, Scott, Chuyuan Viktor Zhong, Douglas Taylor, William F. Scott, and Richard Plante. “Labor–Management Partnerships for Public Transportation Volume 1: Toolkit.” Transit Cooperative Research Program Report 181. Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC. (2015).


Report Abstract:
This report provides resources for public transportation management and labor union leaders to establish, manage, and improve labor-management partnerships. The Volume 1: Toolkit provides information on 3 components: (1) the development of a labor-management partnership charter to establish or improve a partnership; (2) labor-management partnership guidance that provides specific recommended actions for both management and labor union leaders; and (3) a labor-management partnership workshop framework that can be used to develop a cooperative workshop that prepares management and union representative with skills for establishing and managing successful labor-management partnerships.