State DOTs Connecting Users and Rides for Specialized Transit Volume 1: Research Report

Rodman, Will, Dan Berez, Sarah Moser, and James Choe. State DOTs Connecting Users and Rides for Specialized Transportation. Volume 1: Research Report. National Cooperative Highway Research Program, Report 832, Washington, DC. (2016).


NCHRP Report 832: State DOTs Connecting Users and Rides for Specialized Transit, is a two volume research report that provides information and a toolkit on designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating connections between customers and specialized transportation services and programs that can meet their needs. Specialized transportation services including paratransit, community volunteer drivers, and transportation voucher programs provide vital mobility options to seniors, persons with disabilities, low income individuals, and veterans. Many of these systems consist of numerous providers across a geographic area during limited hours of service making it difficult to navigate. The Volume 1 Research Report discusses findings from a literature review, interviews with employees overseeing existing linkage programs, research into coordination, marketing, and an evaluation of existing programs. An analysis of each type of linkage program is also presented. Social media and transit agency websites could link to the linkage services.