The Illinois One-Click Transportation Resource Center Final Report

Dirks, Lise, P. S. Sriraj, Joseph Irwin Harris, and Shreya Ghosh. “The Illinois One-Click Transportation Resource Center.” Urban Transportation Center, Chicago, IL. (2016).


The Illinois Department of Transportation was awarded a Veterans Transportation and Community Livability Initiative grant with the Urban Transportation Center at the University of Illinois as a sub-recipient. This grant was used to create a “one-click transportation resource center” to inform veterans and their families about existing transportation services in Illinois. Through the “one-click transportation resource center” Illinois residents can quickly find current travel information for the public and specialized transportation services, intercity bus, rail services, and rideshare and carshare options. This report is divided into two parts. Part one describes the veteran community in Illinois and their transportation needs. Part two analyzes existing transportation services for veterans in Illinois as well as results from a stakeholder assessment of transportation needs and insight on developing a “one click” website.