Upcoming Workshop: Creating Effective Active Transportation Programs

Creating Effective Active Transportation Programs
Date: August 19-21, 2018
Location: Portland State University, Portland, OR

This three-day workshop offers strategies for building and strengthening communities around walking and bicycling. The primary focus will be to learn and experience firsthand the design of various active transportation programs to support increased biking and walking. The first day will focus on the behind-the-scenes effort that it takes to organize Portland’s Sunday Parkways, the city’s premiere Open Streets initiative. The subsequent days will delve into other transportation demand management and transportation options programs that play a key role in helping more people to bike, walk, and use transit.

This course offers insights and strategies to make the case for policymakers, inspire communities, and build a movement toward healthier, more active cities. 

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Link: http://trec.pdx.edu/events/ibpi-workshop-effective-design-of-AT-programs-2018?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Upcoming+Events%3A+IBPI+Workshops+for+Active+Design+-+All+Summer+Long&utm_campaign=Events+Monthly+-+March+2018