Transportation: A Natural Vehicle for Integrated STEM Learning

Sponsored by: the TRB ABG20 Committee on Education & Training in collaboration with the National Network for the Transportation Workforce.  Hosted by the Northeast Transportation Workforce Center 

Description: As workforce members continue to depart organizations, with them goes a significant amount of critical knowledge that is essential to conducting the public’s business within their former organization. As organizations prepare for the potential departure of valuable staff, a major concern is how to preserve the knowledge that these seasoned employees have amassed. Various types of knowledge retention strategies can be utilized so that critical knowledge does not “walk out the door.” This webinar illustrates an overall strategy and associated tactics to enable an agency to systematically capture and transfer knowledge. 

Description: The webinar examines STEM learning in programs using a transportation lens through informal educational settings.  The webinar explore ways in which the Transportation field can offer: a productive area for advancing STEM learning goals given the broad reach of the modes and the disciplines involved; and a familiar field of inquiry for students of all backgrounds to engage in as they all experience the field in daily life, from walking and biking to transit and highways. 


Facilitator: Martin Storksdieck, Director of Oregon State University’s Center for Research on Lifelong  STEM Learning 


  • Marcia Ferranto, President and CEO, WTS International 
  • Helen Blackman, Director, Office of Organizational Culture and Work Life at Volpe, The National Transportation Systems Center 
  • Brett Nicholas, Manager of Community Initiatives in the Center for the Advancement of Science (CASE) at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago 

Webinar Materials: 

Webinar Flyer

Webinar Recording

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