Broome County Rural Paratransit Analysis

Urbitran Associates, Inc. “Broome County Rural Paratransit Analysis” Bingham Metropolitan Transportation Study (2002).


A previous study conducted by Bingham Metropolitan Transportation Study analyzed fixed-route and paratransit systems in Broome County, New York. This study resulted in the creation of BC Country, a transit service which has provided services to the rural portion of Broome County for almost twenty years. Over this period, operations have remained relatively unchanged, resulting in unmet transportation needs as the demographic profile of the community changed over the years. A project was initiated to review current service levels and identify unmet transportation needs in Broome County. The study was divided into three phases. Phase one consisted of a review of existing services including BC Country and a few other small scale paratransit providers and volunteer programs, a transportation analysis, and a needs analysis. In phase two, alternative options were developed for meeting the needs identified in phase one. In phase three, conceptual service guidelines for the alternatives discussed in phase two were developed.