Community Wayfinding: Pathways to Understanding

Hunter, Rebecca H., Lynda A. Anderson, and Basia L. Belza. “Community Wayfinding: Pathways to Understanding.” Springer International Publishing. 2016.


Wayfinding is the process of finding our way from place to place. This book examines the process and consequences of human wayfinding from the perspectives of multiple fields. It describes what is known about wayfinding and what needs to be done to create better ways of wayfinding for all people. This is intended to help advance a dialogue among researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and community advocates interested in enhancing the livability of their communities. The book includes an overview of wayfinding features in the build environment (such as roads, trails, etc.) as well as wayfinding systems (like signage, maps, etc.). To remove wayfinding barriers for people with disabilities, the authors recommend using universal design features that improve accessible wayfinding systems; for example, signage that incorporates tactile, audio, large text, and high contrast. The book additionally discusses new technologies designed to improve accessible wayfinding.